Event Management

According to the dictionary, an event is "a planned public or social occasion, especially one of importance." BWF knows how to make your event not just special, but important, in a way that will make the media and the public sit up and take notice.

Marketing Promotions

Marketing promotions don't look like marketing ... but that's why they work so well.  Whether BWF chooses street teaming, partnership creation, media buy supplements or outside event sponsorship, we always choose the best grassroots approach to give you the biggest possible bang for your promotional buck.

Public Relations

BWF knows that public relations means telling your story well enough to get even jaded media reps excited -- and when they're excited, they will tell your target audience all about you and make them listen. Getting the media to reach out for you is what publicity is all about, and we've been doing it well for more than forty years.

Let Us Entertain You... Or Your Customers!

Located in McLean, VA, Brotman-Winter-Fried (BWF) is a full service events management and promotions agency specializing in sports, entertainment and consumer markets. The agency has also provided media relations, grass roots community outreach, artwork production, advertising, and marketing services.

For more than 40 years, BWF has been helping its clients achieve their communications goals by applying their talent and experience to provide creative and innovative solutions. The company’s deep client list includes sports teams and events, entertainment, local and national corporations, non-profits, government agencies, real estate entities and national organizing bodies.

Now as a division of Sage Communications, BWF brings its "A" game to Sage's already impressive capabilities and broadens the agency's footprint in a wide range of markets.

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